Print work was designed for CSN, Wurld Media, Peer Impact, Arthritis Foundation, Special Olympics, S.K.S. and various other clients. All items were designed from concept to completion.

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  • Peer Impact Apparel
  • Peer Impact Business Cards
  • Peer Impact CD
  • Peer Impact Postcards
  • Promo Cards
  • SKS Custom Tins
  • Special Olympics Brochure
  • Special Olympics Business Cards
  • Special Olympics CD
  • Stock and Promo Packets
  • Wurld Media Business Cards
  • Wurld Media Flyers
  • Wurld Media Ring and Coin
  • You Can Be Happy Brochure
  • Arthritis CD
  • Buyersport Brochure
  • CSN Business Cards
  • CSN Pocket Folder
  • wordpress slideshow
  • Grow Hope Business Cards
Peer Impact Apparel1 Peer Impact Business Cards2 Peer Impact CD3 Peer Impact Postcards4 Promo Cards5 SKS Custom Tins6 Special Olympics Brochure7 Special Olympics Business Cards8 Special Olympics CD9 Stock and Promo Packets10 Wurld Media Business Cards11 Wurld Media Flyers12 Wurld Media Ring and Coin13 You Can Be Happy Brochure14 Arthritis CD15 Buyersport Brochure16 CSN Business Cards17 CSN Pocket Folder18 Grow Hope Brochure19 Grow Hope Business Cards20
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